Isolation Stretcher

Isolation Stretcher

Product Code: STR.TRANS.ISO
  • Negative-pressurized isolation transport system for high risk infectious patients
  • Suitable for inter-facility transfer of Ebola infected patients
  • The filtration efficiency to 0.3μm aerosol particles is not less than 99.99% with an efficacy of 6 hours
  • Equipped with air filtration system and negative pressure generating system.
  • Polluted air in cabin expelled by fan after the filtration from canister
  • Negative pressure up to -16Pa in 2 minutes after power on
  • Cabin negative pressure differential (inside and outside cabin) is not less than 40pa
  • Negative pressure achieved in less than 2 min
  • Runs off Lithium battery or 12V car battery
  • Cabin noise during operation is less than 47db
  • Mass: Main Unit – 20kg
  • Dimensions: (Main Unit) 1900x690x500mm
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