Tristel® Trio Wipes System


Tristel Trio Wipes is a practical and highly effective way to decontaminate and disinfect non- lumened medical devices

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Product Description


  • The Pre-Clean Wipe is a detergent wipe for removal of organic soil to prepare the medical device for high- level disinfection
  • The Sporicidal Wipe incorporates Tristel’s patented chlorine dioxide chemistry
  • The Rinse Wipe is impregnated with de-ionised water which will remove residues from a surface of the medical device that has been decontaminated
  • Available with manual traceability (Tristel Quality Audit Trail Record Book) or automated barcode traceability


Product Specifications:

  •   Nasendoscopes
  •   Transoesophageal cardio probes (TOE/TEE)
  •   Invasive ultrasound transducers, e.g. trans-vaginal and trans-rectal
  •   Manometry catheters
  •   Laryngoscopes
  •   Ophthalmic equipment, such as V3m, tonometer tips, biometrics or pachymetry probes, etc.

Additional Information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 25 cm