Yvonne Kros


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Position: Founder and Administrative Manager


Yvonne, along with her late husband Raymond, founded Be Safe Paramedical in 1993. From humble beginnings Yvonne, together with Raymond grew Be Safe Paramedical into an international supplier and a household name amongst local distributors and Emergency Medical Services Staff.

Yvonne and Raymond have contributed significantly to social and economic growth by employing of over 50 staff, setting up a branch in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and two warehouses in Cape Town and one in Johannesburg.

Over the past 20 years the growth and development of Be Safe Paramedical under the guidance of Yvonne and Raymond, can be accredited with the saving of millions of lives through our broad range of products…. This is a great testament to the contribution both Yvonne and Raymond have made to healthcare in South Africa.

Email: yvonne@be-safe.co.za