Stella Endoscope Disinfectant System

Product Code: STELLA.B.M.PDS


Developed in conjunction with a leading urologist, Stella is a unique, low-cost endoscope decontamination system for non- and single-lumened instruments that enables the single use of disinfectants in a traceable, economic, and straightforward way.

The unique features of the Stella System help reduce the risk of cross-patient contamination and accommodates ultrasound devices, flexible/rigid endoscopes and heat-sensitive medical devices. The System eliminates over-exposure of instruments to the Tristel disinfectant, Fuse for Instruments, and is supported by downloadable traceability features and logbook. The device also provides storage and transportation for instruments, and the base, lid and small tray can be autoclaved.


  • Sporicidal solution of disinfection of instruments
  • Single-use disinfection of instruments
  • Fast – five minute contact time
  • Simple error-free system

Class IIb Medical Device Applications:

  • Flexible endoscopes
  • Heat-sensitive medical devices
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