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Practiman Dual Mode CPR Torso (4-pack)

Product Code: REF:P-M.MAN.ACPR.IB4
  • 4-pack Practiman CPR Torso Set
  • Uniquely designed dual-function Adult and Child CPR Training Torso
  • Switch between modes with manual dial
  • Dial adjusts both the depth of compressions and volume of ventilations to that of either an Adult or a Child
  • Saves you the need of having to buy separate manikins to teach both Adult and Child CPR
  • Can be used with an AED Trainer
  • One-way valve system on airway promotes excellent hygiene
  • Replaceable face and chest skin
  • Available in light or ‘dark’ skin version
  • Extra skins can be purchased as an addition to your Practiman and can be interchanged while cleaning
  • Excellent quality
  • Supplied with 20 x spare lungs and 8 airway valves, as well as 50 CPR Face Shields and Bag
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