Nebulizer RJ-202 Compressor

Product Code: NEB.RJ-202

The Compressor Nebulizer delivers cool aerosol medication therapy effectively and efficiently with clinical accuracy. It is easy to use with its one on button operation and is ideal for all ages.

  • Oil free piston compressor, high durability and performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Optimal particle size
  • Robust design, lightweight


  • Dependable Compressor
  • Nebulizer Chamber
  • Air Tube
  • Child and Adult Masks
  • Angled Mouthpiece
  • Air Filter
  • Fuse
  • Detailed Guidebook

The Compressor Nebulizer provides aerosol medication therapy for the effective treatment of:

  •   Bronchial asthma
  •   Acute bronchitis
  •   Chronic bronchitis
  •   Emphysema
  •   Pneumoconiosis
  •   Cystic Fibrosis
  •   Bronchiectasis And more…
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