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Greetings all, and welcome to the latest edition of The Responder. It has certainly been a fantastic first quarter for us, with some great new products, exciting product upgrades and discussions that could see us marketing and distributing a very prominent range. I however won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, so please like us on Facebook where we will post updates.

It was great pleasure to host a stand at the International Congress on Emergency Medicine held during April in Cape Town. As always, our stand was a hive of activity and it was a wonderful opportunity to engage and discuss our product ranges with a large number of delegates from all over the world. It is always of particular interest to me to be able to chat to healthcare professionals from the Public Sector. One thing that always stands out is no matter where you are in the world, all Public Healthcare Organisations experience similar challenges. Funds allocated are definitely at the core of the majority of the challenges, as it creates a domino effect that influences staffing, equipment purchases and facility upkeep. Even with these challenges, it was amazing to see how committed these healthcare professionals are to patient care. We thank you and salute you.

We had some great comments on products we had on display at the congress. Our own CritiSeal Chest Wound Seal and CritiJet Jet Insufflation Device were of particular interest to a number of visitors. Thank you for your comments; it certainly is an important step in our validation process and a good indication to us that we are on the right path.

We are excited to announce that we successfully completed our first external ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Audit in April. This audit involves a thorough assessment of our policies, processes and documentation by an independent external auditor. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is the first step in a number of quality certifications we are aspiring to achieve in the years to come, which will allow us to significantly expand on the range and reach of our products. We believe in our products and we believe that having a better reach will positively influence patient care in areas that would normally not have access to these products. Ultimately if it saves even one additional life, we would have achieved our goal.

As always we have some great new products to showcase, fantastic specials and other interesting bits of information to share with you in this Responder. Enjoy…

Yours in Healthcare…

Gavin Sutton

Be Safe paramedical products

BE SAFE SPECIALS – for June 2016

CritiCare™500C Pulse Oximeter

  • Measure SpO2 and Pulse Rate simultaneously
  • SPO2 and Pulse Rate display, including waveform and bar graph
  • Low Battery voltage Indicator
  • 4 directional display options with 8 modes
  • Low power consumption; Auto power off when no signal detected
  • Alarm function
  • Silicone Anti-shock cover included

Limited Stock

R550.00 Excl. VAT

CritiCare™500C Pulse Oximeter

* Special excludes transport bag

VS2000 Vital Signs Monitor

  • 7 inch high resolution colour TFT LCD screen
  • Light weight(only 2.05Kg) and portable
  • Parameters: SpO2 (Nellcor Compatible),Pulse rate , NIBP and MAP
  • Pleth waveform
  • NIBP with manual, auto and STAT modes
  • Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients
  • Accurate SpO2 measurement in low perfusion states
  • Fast and accurate blood pressure
  • Build-in WAN technology

Limited Offer

R5000.00 Excl. VAT*

CritiJet Jet Insufflation Device

  • For performing Jet Insufflation following Needle Cricothyroidotomy
  • Developed and manufactured by Be Safe Paramedical
  • Secure Luer Lock connection to IV Catheter
  • Convenient thumb port
  • Generates excellent pressures

R7.00 Excl. VAT


Rescue Scissors

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Sturdy plastic handle
  • Blunt tip with snip protection
  • Convenient angled design
  • Excellent for cutting dressing and bandages
  • 19cm blade
  • Available in various colours

R15.00 Excl. VAT

Be Safe Rescue Knife

  • This Rescue Knife features a 8.6cm drop point serrated blade made of 440 Stainless Steel
  • The blade has a non-reflective matt finish and dual thumb studs for ambidextrous one hand opening
  • The contoured anodized aluminium handle measures 12.1cm in the closed position and has a blue and white Star of Life logo shield inlay
  • The knife sports a seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker and a liner lock
  • A metal pocket clip is mounted at the pivot end of the knife

R125.00 Excl. VAT


CritiCheck Oesophageal Detection Device (ODD)

  • Latex-free, non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Bulb illuminates in dark
  • Available in yellow only
  • Standard 15mm ETT adapter
  • Easy to handle… easy to store
  • Extremely cost-effective

R70.00 Excl. VAT

Be Safe Paramedical at ICEM 2016


There is no doubt that all businesses, Hospitals and Pre-hospital Services are feeling the pinch with the current economic climate we are faced with in South Africa. The rather erratic US Dollar, which as we have seen, does not appear to respond well to any negative publicity, has affected both suppliers and purchasers. This in essence means that service providers need to find wiser ways to spend their budgets to be able to render the same level of service they did a couple of years ago. So do we buy 2 products from a well-known brand or do we buy 10 products from a lesser-known brand?

Common sense tells me that 10 products evenly spread would benefit far more patients than two. Right? This is a tough one and probably borders on the saying, “easier said than done.” As someone who looks at and assesses a great number of products on a daily basis, I would have to say that one of the key things I look for is how a product has progressed. In other words, is this exactly the same product that was launched a couple of years ago, or has the manufacturer listened to providers and made changes to improve the product? Progression in a product shows that the product is a ‘living’ and ‘breathing’ product and one that is constantly evolving to help provide safer, more efficient and productive patient care. I have often assessed a product, engaged with the manufacturer on what we want changed or improved, received a wishy washy reply, and said no thanks; we won’t be marketing your product. The end…

One of the things we really pride ourselves in, is getting involved with our manufacturers. I don’t believe that there is a universal recipe that allows a product to meet the needs of all markets. South Africa is very different from the European market in that we are more practical when it comes to meeting several needs in one product. Budgets are tight and we want our clients and their patients to maximise the benefits of using one of our products. Many of you will know our bullet-proof AED7000 unit. Well, the new AED7000 Plus was recently launched. We really liked where the product was going, however we felt that a few additional functions would be of huge benefit particularly to our Basic and Intermediate Life Support Levels, who let’s be quite frank here, see the majority of patients.


Stemming from our recommendations and working with the manufacturer, the AED7000 Plus that started out as a Public Access AED with colour screen, ECG monitoring through defib pads and a non-rechargeable battery has evolved into the AED7000 Plus with colour screen, ECG monitoring through defib pads and through a dedicated 3 lead ECG cable and as from mid-June 2016, a rechargeable battery too. It will therefore be an AED unit that would easily meet the needs of the BLS and ILS provider, by offering ECG monitoring through cost-effective ECG electrodes and auto-switch to AED Mode, should the machine pick up a shockable rhythm.

The AED7000 Plus offers the following:

  • Compact and lightweight with a mass of only 1.5kg
  • Three-step defibrillation process
  • Two-button operation
  • ECG Monitoring (Lead II) through dedicated 3 ECG Cable
  • Extensive voice and visual prompts for the operator
  • Biphasic energy output
  • Lock-out protection to prevent inadvertent defibrillation
  • Continuous event recording
  • Weekly self-test to ensure readiness
  • Colour LCD screen
  • Adult and Paediatric Defibrillation
  • CPR coaching (Optional)

Please feel free to contact us for additional information and pricing on the fantastic little AED7000 Plus unit.

We had some fantastic feedback on our original TransNANO II Incubator and the many units in circulation are testament to this. Well guess what? The TransNANO II has also evolved. The original unit had us all jumping up and down like little schoolkids because we knew that the majority of services simply cannot afford the ‘overpriced’ transport incubators available on our market. These ‘overpriced’ incubators truly limit a service’s ability to carry out the crucial neonatal transport function. It is simply not acceptable…


The major noticeable change to the TransNANO II Neonatal Transport Incubator is the inclusion of an additional transparent access port positioned at the neonates head as well as a very unique sliding mattress tray. So what this means is that should you need to perform any airway management during transportation, the neonate can simply be slid out so that only the head is exposed. There is no longer any need to completely remove the neonate from the incubator and risk major heat loss and instability. How about that?

So what are the pros of the new TransNANO II Neonatal Transport Incubator?

  • It is extremely energy efficient, requiring only 100w of power to operate
  • It is extremely light at only 13kg
  • It has PID based Servo Temperature Control with rapid air circulation, which means it responds to changes in the neonate’s temperature
  • It offers direct access to the infant’s head and airway via the unique sliding mattress tray
  • It offers a twin lid design, which means you don’t have a single lid hovering precariously above the neonate when opened. Safe for the neonate and safe for your fingers…
  • It is up to 70% more cost-effective to purchase than conventional transport incubators on the South African market
  • It offers a modern sleek design, which we think looks pretty cool

The new TransNANO II incubator is currently in stock, so feel free to contact us for a quotation, do your comparison checks and in the meantime, we will keep you incubator warm for you. We know you will be back…

CPR training is without a doubt the most critical aspect of emergency care education. It does not matter how skilled you are as a Paramedic or First Aid Provider, perform sub-standard CPR and the chances are very likely that you won’t get a good patient outcome. By now, many of you would be familiar with, or would have switched over to our fantastic little Practiman CPR Torso…and yes, you’ve guessed it, it too has evolved.

We are really excited to introduce you to the newly launched Practiman –Advanced. It offers the same superb value as the Practiman – Basic in that we have decided to keep the same pricing structure as its predecessor. That means a great deal more manikin for the same price. Why? Well because we believe that the new Practiman will add a great deal more value to CPR Training and although we may not be treating patients directly, we know that we can have a positive impact on patient care by supporting you with high quality and cost-effective trainers. Something we feel extremely passionate about and something we will continue doing, because ultimately, it really is about the patient.


If you compare the Practiman – Basic to the Practiman – Advanced, you will notice that there has been a major upgrade to the head and airway on the Practiman – Advanced. This upgrade allows for a far more realistic experience when performing manual airway opening techniques and ventilation. You will also find that performing a jaw-thrust is now also possible on the Practiman – Advanced. So Trauma Programmes will now not have any valid excuse for not taking advantage of this great quality CPR trainer and its pricing.

It must also be mentioned that torso skins from the Practiman – Basic are compatible with the Practiman – Advanced. The face skins and airways are however not interchangeable. No need to stress though, we have enough spares in stock to last several years and we will continue to support both versions indefinitely. This is the perfect time to be making a move over to Practiman. Everybody else is…

Okay, so I know that I am very capable of waffling on for the next 5 pages (maybe even 10), however I’ll go easy on you and stop there. Before I do though, I would like to add that we always welcome feedback from our Readers. We also use our Reader Feedback as a guide to what we should be placing in The Responder. Would you prefer more clinical articles, or a more in-depth discussion on some of our products, or what about just having short write ups on new products, keeping it short and simple?

Please feel free to drop me an email at responder@be-safe.co.za with your suggestions. Thanks and until next time, Be Safe!



As always, we are constantly looking out for new and innovative products that we believe will add great value to either safety or patient care. We are approached by an endless list of manufacturers who believe their products would fit our product profile. We however need to be 100% confident in the quality and safety of these products before we would even consider mentioning them to our clients.

So let’s dive straight in and take a look at what you may soon see on our shelves…

Insighters Video Laryngoscope

A couple of video laryngoscopes have made their rounds in South Africa of the past couple of years. Until now, I have never really seen one that I believe has the right combination of practicality, cost and efficacy. When I say practicality, I mean that it should be a unit that can be used for a full range of patients, one handle with several blade options.

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of the Insighters Range of Video Laryngoscopes in South Africa. Available in blade, rigid and flexible versions, this range is sure to provide a solution to all your airway scoping requirements.

The Insighters Range offers:

  • High Definition Video Graphics
  • Built in video recorder and camera for skills transfer
  • Touchscreen technology
  • Unique anti-fog video technology
  • Indoor and Outdoor mode
  • 4 Blade options ranging from neonates to large adults
  • Insiders unique slide mechanism for quick blade changes

Please contact us for detailed specifications and pricing


The CritiCare™ COB LED Headlamp

Headlamps are one of those items that are a must on any outdoor scene. Many of the headlamps available on the market tend to have a very narrow beam of light. Personally, I think a wider beam of crisp bright light makes a headlamp far more EMS friendly. Having a wider beam of light makes the peripherals of a scene far more visible and therefore will help you to better identify dangers and potential dangers. Something else that I also think is important is being able to adjust the light source to dim light. I cannot imagine it being very comfortable having a really bright light shining in your patient’s face during an assessment.


The new CritiCare™ LED Headlamp includes the latest COB (Chip on Board) technology which dramatically boosts the lumen-per-watt ratio while simultaneously improving battery life. It is packed into a hard-wearing and water-resistant body which makes it even more suitable for use in EMS.

What the CritiCare™ COB LED Headlamp offers:

  • Chip on Board (COB) Technology
  • 3W LED Bulb with a lifespan of over 50 000 hours
  • 1000 Lumen brightness
  • 3 beam settings: high, low and strobe
  • 50m beam reach
  • IPX6 water resistant ABS body
  • Runs off 3 AAA batteries
  • Superb value for money

Expected on our shelves the end of June 2016…

10L Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder with Bullnose Valve

We are pleased to announce that we have decided to import and market our own range of 10L aluminium oxygen cylinders with bullnose valves. By doing this we will be able to better manage demand, our stock levels and of course, keep our pricing competitive. All great pros for our clients who we know have been waiting patiently for us to take this step.

You can rest assured that our new cylinders meet international quality standards and will be strictly monitored under our ISO Quality Management System. As always, our focus is on providing you with a safe and high quality product that will ease the burden of a rather challenging economic climate.

They look fantastic don’t they? They will be hitting our shelves very shortly…


CritiCare™ Range of Rescue Helmets

All EMS scenes potentially hold some form of danger. Whether tending to a trapped patient in a car or treating a patient in the hold of a ship, accidents can happen without any warning. The providers head, eyes and face are often the areas most exposed to potential injury.

We believe that any helmet worn to protect the head is better than none, however a good quality and purpose built helmet minimises potential injury risk to a much greater extent. It is for this reason that we have embarked on a mission to find a great quality helmet which offers maximum protection at an affordable price.

So for at least the next few months you may see a couple of products in our envisaged range making their way through various services for testing and feedback. If you do have an opportunity to test one, please feel free to speak your mind regarding their suitability. Your opinion matters to us, and although we know that we are not going to 100% meet everyone’s needs, you can rest assured that it will be a great quality product.

Keep an eye out for these two versions being tested…


We always welcome comments, thoughts and ideas on how we can improve The Responder.

Please feel free to contact us on responder@be-safe.co.za to share your views…

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