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Greetings all and welcome to the latest edition of The Responder. I can’t believe that the festive season is just around the corner and almost time for our staff to have a well-deserved break. It has been a tough year; however with committed staff, and good strategy, a challenge is ultimately just a way of growing and learning.

Firstly it is with an extremely heavy heart that we bid farewell to our beloved Linda Inggs. Linda sadly passed during October. She will always be remembered for her gentle nature, unconditional love for animals and courage. I truly believe that a person’s character is best judged when things are at their toughest and not when life deals you the perfect hand. Linda you truly set a very high standard in character and we would all be much better people if we could achieve even half of the courage and character that shone through. We will miss you. You will forever be in our thoughts and in our hearts. Rest well…

On a happier note, we are pleased to welcome Talicia Webb to the Be Safe family. Talicia recently joined our finance department in the position of Debtors Clerk. We look forward to working with you Talicia and we wish you all the best in your career at Be Safe Paramedical.

As many of you may know, we recently went live with the Be Safe Paramedical Online Store. Thanks so much to those of you who have already made use of the Online Store. We have some very exciting plans for the store and our focus is 100% on providing you with an informative, safe and interactive online buying experience. The content is being updated continuously and you can expect some very exciting specials and deals in the weeks ahead… You can visit our online store here: https://be-safe.co.za/shop/

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your support during 2016. Be Safe Paramedical is only what it is because of your loyalty and support. Have a wonderful festive season and most importantly, please Be Safe!

Yours in Healthcare…

Gavin Sutton
Editor: The Responder

medical devices

BE SAFE SPECIALS – for December 2016

Reanibex 300 AED

  • Automated External Defibrillator
  • Maximum energy level: 360 Joules
  • High resolution colour screen
  • On-screen CPR assistance
  • Voice Prompts Modern compact design
  • Ready for use indicator
  • Supplied with non-rechargeable battery and a set of Adult Defibrillation Pads

Only 2 units available

R24 995 Excl. VAT

Purchase Online:


Reanibex 300 AED with Manual Override Defibrillation and ECG Monitoring

  • Automated External Defibrillator
  • Manual Override Defibrillation up to 360J
  • Synchronised Cardioversion
  • ECG Rhythm monitoring through separate 3 lead cable and port
  • High resolution colour screen
  • On-screen CPR assistance
  • Voice Prompts
  • Modern compact design
    Ready for use indicator
    Special price includes rechargeable battery, battery charger, set of adult pads and a full carry case

Only 1 unit available

R39 995 Excl. VAT

CritiCare™ T11 COB LED Headlamp 

  • Chip on Board (COB) Technology
  • 3W LED Bulb with a lifespan of over 50 000 hours
  • 1000 Lumen brightness
  • 3 beam settings: high, low and strobe
  • 50m beam reach IPX6 water resistant ABS body
  • Runs off 3 AAA batteries (included)
  • Includes head strap
  • EMS rugged

Great idea for the xmas stocking!

R110.00 Excl. VAT

Purchase Online:


VS2000 Vital Signs Monitor

  • 7 inch high resolution colour TFT LCD screen
  • Light weight(only 2.05Kg) and portable
  • Parameters: SpO2 (Nellcor Compatible),Pulse rate , NIBP and MAP
  • Pleth waveform – NIBP with manual, auto and STAT modes
  • Suitable for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients
  • Accurate SpO2 measurement in low perfusion states
  • Fast and accurate blood pressure
  • Build-in WAN technology

R6 000.00 Excl. VAT *

* Special excludes transport bag

CritiCare™ 4 Square Classic Stethoscope

Features a stainless steel dual head chest piece for superior acoustical performance

  • Stainless steel binaurals
  • Non-chill rings for patient comfort
  • Quality plastic ear tips ensure a comfortable fit
  • Single lumen PVC tubing with thick wall
  • Accessory box includes one pair of firm ear tips ,one pair of soft ear tips and one diaphragm
  • Individually packaged in an attractive foam lined gift box
  • Latex free

R200.00 Excl. VAT


Purchase online:


CritiCare™ Rescue Knife

  • This Rescue Knife features a 8.6cm drop point serrated blade made of 440 Stainless Steel
  • The blade has a non-reflective matt finish and dual thumb studs for ambidextrous one hand opening
  • The contoured anodized aluminium handle measures 12.1cm in the closed position and has a blue and white Star of Life logo shield inlay
  • The knife sports a seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker and a liner lock
  • A metal pocket clip is mounted at the pivot end of the knife

R125.00 Excl. VAT


10L Aluminium Oxygen Cylinder with Pin-Index Valve

  • Manufactured from high quality aluminuim, colour coded according to SAPS 019 (black cylinder with a white neck)
  • Epoxy coated – Fitted with 2 pin-index toggle valve for use with a pin-index oxygen regulator – Mass: 8.2kg

Limited stock available 

R2 379.20 Excl. VAT


It’s about the patient…
It has been a fantastic year for us at Be Safe Paramedical. As with every year, we have evaluated loads of new products. Some of which, you may have noticed make it onto our stock list and others that do not meet our quality and efficacy standards are simply not afforded a second look. The task of pre-evaluating products allows us to act as a gatekeeper to ensure that we are responsible about what medical devices make it onto the markets we serve. With all evaluations, the patient takes centre stage and all evidence gathered needs to prove that there is absolute benefit to the patient. Ultimately, several pertinent questions need to be answered by our pre-market evaluation. Will the product positively influence a patient care outcome? Are there any risks or challenges in using the product? If the product is used, will the benefits outweigh the risks? Are the risks clearly identifiable and are they manageable?


We are so extremely privileged to be part of the healthcare industry in South Africa. I believe that the success of a patient care outcome is far broader than just the person providing the care. The medical equipment distributor, medical service provider (EMS or Hospital) and healthcare professional all play important roles in the patient care process. Of course it is crucial that we have passionate, lateral-thinking, practical and autonomous emergency care professionals caring for our patients, however we also need quality focussed, patient orientated and responsible medical equipment distributors. Ultimately, if any of these contributors to the healthcare process fail to function at 100%, the patient will bear the brunt. This of course is simply not an option or acceptable.

It is an extremely exciting time to be involved in healthcare in South Africa. Several new developments have arisen in recent times which are largely geared towards minimising “potential failures” in the patient care process. Most recently, the addition of formal medical device regulations in South Africa brings into check something which was largely unregulated in South Africa. These new regulations categorise medical devices into classes (A, B, C or D) which directly relates to the level of risk they pose to patient safety. Another welcoming aspect of the medical device regulations is that there will be strong focus on the internal quality management system processes in companies wishing to market and sell medical devices in South Africa or to export them beyond South African borders. This is certainly a move in the right direction and provided that the regulations are well managed and executed, they will significantly improve the safety of medical devices as they relate to patient care.

Another interesting piece of legislation that has emerged is the regulations governing Emergency Medical Services provision in South Africa. This is in full swing and as a medical equipment distributor we have noticed a definite shift towards product categories that were a “nice to have” prior to the legislation to a must have now. We have never questioned the importance of some of these products in patient care; however it seems we needed a ‘legislative push’ to ensure that these products became part of main stream care. So what does this all mean? Well for a start it would mean better consistency across the state/private divide in what equipment emergency vehicles carried. Secondly, the policy and procedure requirements in the application to register an emergency medical service would mean better control and better auditing as well as a patient care trail that could be actioned for improvement. Now I know that the equipment lists for the various levels of care are quite a challenge in terms of budget, however if you buy your capital equipment wisely, budgets can be stretched a long way. We are here to help in any way we can. So it would seem that things are on the upward as far as medical device and EMS legislation is concerned, but what about patient care?

Well, that’s a very interesting question. The recently “published for comment” emergency care guidelines released by the HPCSA have already stirred up a huge amount of debate. There have been some very welcome changes to all levels of care; however there have been some changes that many feel will impact directly on emergency care service delivery, particularly in the public service. Two of the major changes that have fuelled the debate are the removal of neonatal mechanical ventilation from the paramedic scope of practice as well as the removal of endotracheal intubation in favour of an RSI only approach by Emergency Care Practitioners. Rather than enter the debate through this platform (which I don’t think is a good idea), all I will say is that there are two major aspects to consider when implementing any change. Firstly, is it good for the patient? Secondly, how will its implementation impact on service delivery? I think the biggest challenge to overcome is going to be implementation. If an evidence-based approach is been applied to justify the changes, the HPCSA has no doubt also looked at the reality on the ground. In other words, what is the spread of Paramedics versus Emergency Care Practitioners by: state versus private sector/ urban versus rural setting/Province? It would be interesting to see how these statistics would impact on the implementation phase. Are we realistically ready? I am not 100% convinced that we are.

Debate is always good as it gives all role-players an opportunity to express their opinions and also to bring the facts to the table. It is however extremely important to be fact driven and to set the emotions aside. Irrespective, it is encouraging to see changes in all spheres of the patient care process, from medical equipment distributor, to service provider to emergency care provider. It shows a maturing of our healthcare system and if envisaged changes are carried out in the best interests of the patient and patient care, we can only improve going forward. …


Sisaphila CPR

What a great initiative and project. Be Safe Paramedical were proud to be co-sponsors of the T-shirts worn by the numerous volunteers. It would be fantastic to see this become an annual event because there is no doubt that CPR does save lives. Congratulations on the success of the event and thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to carry the torch.

Be Safe goes Artsy

It can be rather boring sitting and waiting for your order to be packed or waiting for one of our representatives to attend to you. So we thought we would liven up our Cape Town and  Johannesburg branches with a bit of custom artwork.

We used local artists to design and paint the murals which we hope will brighten up your next visit.

The latest mural at our Johannesburg office

Mural at our Cape Town Warehouse

Be Safe Paramedical Durban

We are pleased to announce that Nicki Wiggett, based in Durban will be representing Be Safe Paramedical in the KZN region. Please feel free to contact Nicki should you need information or quotations on any of our products, or are having trouble sourcing a medical device for you organisation. Nicki has a great deal of experience in sales and marketing and she is extremely client orientated. You can therefore expect excellent client care and attention to detail. Welcome Nicki, we look forward to having you as part of our team.

Nicki can be contacted on Tel: +27 82 856 7666 or email: nicki@be-safe.co.za

KZN branch manager

New Staff

As mentioned in “from the editors desk”, we are pleased to welcome Talicia Webb to the Be Safe family. Telicia will be based in our finance department at our Cape Town head office. She will be taking care of our debtors. So, if your account has wondered off the straight and narrow, you can expect a call from Talicia. Welcome aboard Talicia, we wish you all the best for the future.

debtors controller

Be Safe Paramedical does it for charity

Be Safe Paramedical has always tried to be involved in and contribute to worthy causes. These range from funding events, donating medical equipment or getting involved in community projects.

Looking ahead to 2017 we are going to be supporting the Children’s Hospital Trust through the sale of our bandanas. For only R20.00 you can buy one of our awesome BSPM bandanas and support a really fantastic cause.

All proceeds from the sale of our bandanas will be donated to the Children’s Hospital Trust which as I am sure you know supports a huge number of paediatric care related causes.

It’s a wonderful cause and your support will go a long way towards helping improve facilities and the lives of its little patients


25 November 2016
Be Safe end of year function. We will be closed from 11.00am for our stafff end of year function

21 December 2016
Be Safe closes for our festive seaon holidays.

16 January 2017
Be Safe reopens for 2017


Our 2017 Calendars are now available.
Please feel free to pop into either of our offices to collect yours.

We always welcome comments, thoughts and ideas on how we can improve The Responder.

Please feel free to contact us on responder@be-safe.co.za to share your views…

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