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Greetings friends, clients and fellow healthcare professionals, welcome to the latest edition of The Responder.

It has been ages since we last published The Responder. This has being due to a number of factors, all of which have consumed a monumental amount of my time since the middle of 2017. Even so, I was rather horrified when I reviewed our last edition and realised that our clients had not heard from The Responder since September 2017. My humble apologies…I do however think that it is safe to assume that when you hear about what we have been up to, you’ll forgive me for constantly juggling commitments and deadlines.

Due to the fact that it has been a while since our last publication, this edition of The Responder will be a little longer than usual. After all, I have much to share with you and it really is important for us as a company to keep you informed of developments within Be Safe Paramedical, exciting new product launches and of course just to simply reach out and let you know that that we are always here to chat about how we can assist you in providing top class patient care.

Right, so in this edition of The Responder we’ll be doing a bit of a review on what we have been up to over the past year. We will also be visiting some fantastic new products we have launched or are in the process of launching.  We also have some excellent specials lined up for you and we hope you will take full advantage of some great savings.

It is my sincere plan to send out a new edition of the Responder every quarter. I know that many of you subscribe to an endless number of publications and we really don’t want to bog you down with too much reading…

Thanks for all the support over the past year. We do sincerely appreciate it…

Happy reading…

Yours in Healthcare…

Gavin Sutton
Editor: The Responder

News from Be Safe Paramedical

The past year has been an absolute whirlwind of events, milestones and successes. When I started jotting down a rough outline of what news I wanted to share with you, I became a bit concerned that it was beginning to look like a novel, which of course just wouldn’t do. I know how busy you all are saving lives, and quite frankly I’d prefer it if that status quo remained. So I figured, let me water things down a bit and give you the highlights only, pretty much like catching up on the highlights of the Bok game, without having to sit through 80 agonising minutes of them being demolished by Argentina… Agreed?

CritiCare™ Jump Bags Sentenced to Life

As many of you may know from our Facebook posts and of course from engaging with us on a daily basis, we now manufacture all bags in our CritiCare™ Jump Bag and First Aid Bag ranges at our Durban factory. This allows us to be intimately involved in all aspects of the production process, from materials sourcing and selection to stitch work and final quality control. This ultimately gives us complete control over the finished product that enters into the market. We have been working really hard at fine-tuning our processes, to ensure that we have complete confidence in the quality of every CritiCare™ Jump Bag we create. For this reason, we felt that it was time for us to review the Warranty Policy on our CritiCare™ Jump Bags and make some bold changes. Here’s the scoop…


  • Life it is – Be Safe Paramedical will repair free of charge any manufacturing defect on our CritiCare™ Jump Bags, whether it is has been in service for 1 year or 20 years. We further warrant that all CritiCare™ Jump Bags will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the useful life of the product. We know of some of our Jump Bags that have been in operation for over 15 years. Sure, they may have some battle scars, which we believe you should be proud of, however, going forward we believe that your CritiCare™ Jump Bag should still be 100% functional. So as from the 1st of Oct 2018, you are stuck with your CritiCare™ Jump Bag for Life…


  • Be Safe Paramedical launches Revive It! – Be Safe Paramedical will gladly repair any authorised warranty claim on a CritiCare™ Jump Bag, however, we will go one step further and offer you the option of upgrading your bag to a brand new bag at a fraction of the current purchase price. You will be required to return your damaged bag to us at your expense.  Upon confirmation of the warranty claim and your payment, we will ship you the latest version of your bag.


  • Shorter Turn-around Times – Once you send your CritiCare™ Jump Bag to us for an authorised warranty repair we will ensure that your repaired or “Revived” Jump Bag is back in operation within two weeks. If you require your Jump Bag by a specific date (for operational reasons), we are open to discussing this and will furthermore try our very best to meet your deadline.


Please note that this new warranty policy only applies to our CritiCare™ Jump Bags. All First Aid Bags manufactured by us are supplied with a 12 month warranty. We are always open to discussing warranty terms for any custom bags we may manufacture for you, but in essence if a bag is branded CritiCare™ Jump Bag on the front pouch flap, it will be covered by our Lifetime warranty…

SAHPRA Manufacturing License

We are really pleased that after several lengthy application forms, we have received medical device manufacturing/import/distribution/export licenses for each of our branches from the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority. So having said this, this is perhaps a good time to mention that it is compulsory for all medical device suppliers to be registered with SAHPRA to legally sell/distribute any type of medical device. So if you are a distributor of any of our products, even if it is just basic consumables and first aid kits, please make sure that you have gone through the motions and applied for a license. You can visit the MCC website www.mccza.co.za for details on the application process.

Quality Management

We carried out a major overhaul of our Quality Management System during 2017 and the early part of 2018. This was so that we could upgrade our ISO 9001 system to the new 2015 standards. In addition we opted to upgrade our system so that we would also comply with the ISO 13485:2016 standards for medical device quality management. And so after many months of burning the midnight oil and pulling our hair out, we were audited by an international accreditation body and achieved both certifications in April 2018. This is really exciting because it means that the products we manufacture are done so according to best international practice and gives us the confidence to take our products to the rest of the world.

Be Safe Paramedical goes International

One of the major milestones we have been aiming to reach over the past several years is to expose our products to the international community and to show the rest of the world that we are a proudly South African company producing world-class products. One of the largest Medical Trade Shows on the yearly agenda is Arab Health, which takes place in Dubai each year. We were really privileged to be approached late in 2017 by the Medical Device Manufacturers Association of South Africa (MDMSA) to submit an application for a stand on the South African Pavilion. So after a rather large amount of paperwork, welcomed guidance from MDMSA and immensely generous support from the Department of Trade and Industry, we were on our way to Dubai to exhibit at the January 2018 show.

We took along our full range of CritiCare™ Jump Bags and First Aid Bags, as well as some of our more unique products, such as our CritiSeal Chest Wound Seal, Burn-Eaz® range of Burn Dressings, CritiJet etc… We had an overwhelming amount of traffic through our stand over the 4 days and it was extremely exciting to see the amount of interest shown in our products. The exhibition truly validated our belief that we are in the best possible position to compete with any international Jump Bag manufacturer, both in design and quality. In addition, we have the added advantage of being able to design/develop and prototype custom bags based on organisational needs.

New staff at Be Safe Paramedical

With the ramping up of our Bag production processes at our Durban branch, there has been quite a significant increase in our demand for new staff. We have increased our staff compliment here from just 8 personnel to well over 40 in the space of 10 months. This of course is very exciting because not only does it allow us to better meet the demand for our Jump and First Aid Bags, but also allows us to directly chip away at that awful thing called unemployment. This is something we take immense pride in because it has a spin-off effect in the lives of so many people.

Besides our production personnel, we have also strengthened our sales and Marketing force in areas we felt needed a lot more attention. This includes KZN, the Eastern Cape, Garden Route and Cape Town Metropole. We also employed a full-time webmaster and graphic designer to manage and improve on our social media reach, content on our website and marketing documents. These are all important factors in improving on our interaction with you.

New products at Be Safe Paramedical

One of the most rewarding parts of what we do at Be Safe Paramedical is bringing you new and exciting products that we know will have a positive impact on patient care. We get offered new products on a daily basis, but with our strict quality management processes in place, very few make it through for a second look. The following products have and we are sure that they will all play a very significant role in patient care in the years to come…

The Necklite Mouldable Cervical Collar

For several decades, just about every trauma patient was immobilised on a spinal board with cervical collar and spinal harness. This was irrespective of how remote the potential was for an injury to the cervical spine. When rigid cervical collars made their appearance on the market, there was a massive migration towards them and we believed that they were the new golden standard in the management of cervical spine injury.

Over the past several years, there has been much debate regarding the use of rigid cervical collars for the treatment of cervical spine injury. Complications such as tissue necrosis, patient discomfort and increasing intracranial pressure have all been associated with the use of rigid cervical collars.

In addition, rigid cervical collars increase spinal motion in high cervical spine injuries. Application of a rigid cervical collar causes the separation of C1 from C2, thus stretching the high spinal cord. So is there a clear benefit to using rigid cervical collars? Not a single human study supports this, so why are we still seeing rigid collars on State EMS Tenders and why are they still playing a role in many services? We’re not really sure why, but perhaps there is still an element of concern regarding the accuracy of decisions being made on scenes or the “let’s immobilise the cervical spine just in case” is an easier option than the paradigm shift required to change something we have being doing forever.

Finally, we do believe that we have found a really viable alternative to the rather archaic rigid cervical collar. The Necklite mouldable Cervical Collar form Persys Medical is unlike any other cervical collar on the market. It is completely foldable and mouldable before and after application. This means that once the Necklite is applied it can be moulded to meet individual patient needs. By moulding it to fit the patient we are able to not compromise venous drainage of the head through the jugular veins and arterial in-flow through the carotid and the vertebral arteries. These fine adjustments can be achieved without compromising the efficacy of cervical spine immobilisation.

Necklite Features:

  • Cervical stabilisation for extrication and rehabilitation
  • Large tracheal opening allows for optimal visualisation
  • Helps reduce lateral movement
  • Foldable and mouldable before and after application
  • One size fits all adults (yellow or tactical black)
  • One size fits all paediatrics (blue)
  • Single patient use
  • X-ray translucent
  • Fits in any kit
  • Latex free
  • Non-rigid

Make the change to the Necklite today…

The CritiCare™ Paramedic CrashPAC

We have been involved in the design, development and manufacturing of a range of Jump Bags for more than 20 years. Over the years, there have been numerous upgrades to materials and techniques used to produce them and this has allowed us to continually improve on the quality of the finished product. Our ultimate goal is to have a range of Jump Bags that are easily recognisable and practically indestructible, but at the same time, we also want to challenge the Jump Bag market with new ideas and designs. Some designs are synonymous with the international market, however many of these designs have simply not made an appearance on the South African market. Well, we believe that it’s time for a change…

We are very excited to introduce you to the latest edition to our CritiCare™ Jump Bag Range, the Paramedic CrashPAC. We know that this design will stir up the market a bit because it strays from the traditional backpack design, which has dominated the South African market for many years. This is a sling only bag and is designed to be carried over the shoulder. It offers a deceivingly large amount of packing space. It has large external pouches with removable inserts for storing heavy use items.

We have used only the very best quality materials to manufacture the CrashPAC, including heavy duty YKK zippers throughout. It is available in various colour options, is supplied standard with a new look drug bag and airway bag and best of all, you will have the peace of mind of our CritiCare™ Jump Bag Lifetime Warranty.

An immense amount of credit must go to the Metro Emergency Services in the Western Cape, who were instrumental in the design of the CrashPac. Their legendary Metro Paramedics have being using this design for a number of years and their knowledge; passion for patient care and ability to think out-of-the-box has being a game changer in developing a Jump Bag that is unique, practical and durable. We thank you…

CrashPAC Features:

  • 100% designed and manufactured in South Africa under our CritiCare™ Brand
  • External part of bag is 600×600 Denier PU-coated fabric
  • Internal part of bag is 240 Denier with PU coating
  • Double stitched YKK zippers
  • 4 external pockets
  • Multiple internal pockets and pouches
  • Includes drug bag 38x23x6cm with foam inserts for maximum protection of medications
  • Carry handle and shoulder sling
  • Multiple reflective tape segments for maximum visibility
  • Compact and hard-wearing, designed specifically for South African Emergency Services

Practi-Baby Infant CPR Manikin

The Practi-Man Advanced CPR Manikin has been immensely successful in South Africa. Many training organisations, including St John Ambulance, have made the move over to the Practi-Man system because it offers excellent features at an extremely competitive price. No more stressing about having to budget huge sums of money for maintenance, because spares are extremely cost-effective and easily accessible. We have been waiting in anticipation for the release of the infant version, and finally, our Practi-Family is complete…

We are pleased to announce the birth of the Practi-Baby.  This new manikin is a full feature Infant CPR manikin at an extremely affordable price. Its unique design adds great realism to the training experience and we believe that it will be the most durable Infant CPR Manikin on the South African market.

Its design is based on the same principles as the Practi-Man Advanced CPR Manikin, meaning that spares are extremely cost-effective and even easier to replace. As the exclusive distributors for the Practi-Man range in South Africa, we guarantee that we will always have in stock a full range of spares and accessories for the Practi-Baby.

Practi-Baby Features:

  • Weight and size are realistic for infant CPR
  • A full plastic body means that it is easy to clean and extremely durable
  • Practi-Baby takes realism to the extreme with full head motion (including rotation) as well as arm and leg motion
  • Exclusive breathing system including a realistic nose function
  • Head tilt allows correct head placement when opening the airway
  • Chest clicker can be turned on and off
  • Stable placement when laying on its back
  • Includes a high quality CritiCare™ Carry Bag
  • Includes 5 x spare lungs, 2 x airway valves and the Practi-Baby manual

Upgrade to the Practi-Man Advanced and Practi-Baby today and start saving…

The Blizzard Range of Survival Gear

We are extremely excited to introduce you to the new Blizzard Survival Range from Persys Medical.  Hypothermia is one of the most undertreated conditions and affects a very broad spectrum of patients. As many as 50 percent of trauma patients transported by EMS are unintentionally hypothermic by the time they reach the hospital.

Hypothermic trauma patients are less likely to survive their injuries, when compared to similar patients who are normothermic. While there have been numerous studies looking at the use of controlled therapeutic hypothermia for brain and spinal cord injuries, it is reasonable to say that being hypothermic in trauma overall is a significant issue.

The Blizzard Survival Brand, incorporating Reflexcell™ material, has become the new standard wherever thermal protection in a lightweight compact package is essential – for military use, casualty care, emergency services, sea rescue, disaster relief, personal survival, outdoor activities…and more.

There are a number of products in the Blizzard Survival Range which we believe will have a significant impact on patient care. The Blizzard Baby Wrap and Blizzard EMS Blanket are two designs in the range that we feel will become a standard on many EMS and Rescue Units. All Blizzard Survival products offer extremely compact packaging that allows them to be kept in emergency bags and rescue packs.


The Responder Specials

We love saving our clients’ money and the below specials are reserved for subscribers to The Responder, irrespective of whether you are the end-user or a reseller. Please take note of the details of an offer as some may be stock clearance items where there are only a limited number available. Get your orders through early to avoid disappointment. Happy savings…

CritiCare™ Pelvigrip Pelvic Binder Set

The Pelvigrip, our trusted and respected Pelvic Binder has been a market leader in the emergency management of pelvic fractures for many years.


Pelvigrip Features:

  • Manufactured from high quality neoprene which provides excellent stretch and compression
  • Helps control intrapelvic haemorrhaging
  • Reduces discomfort
  • Provides cushioning of sacral area and therefore reduces the potential for pressure sores
  • Allows urethral and suprapubic catheterisation
  • Available as a set of S, M, L and XL in a quality nylon bag

Save 30% and only pay R944.00 Excl. VAT per set

* This special is no longer valid

10L Oxygen Cylinder with Bullnose Valve

A limited number of our high quality 10L Oxygen Cylinders with bullnose valve are up for grabs. This is a great opportunity to stock up on extra cylinders for those long-distance patient transfers. The price is valid until stock runs out.


Cylinder Features:

  • Manufactured from quality aluminium with colour code according to SAPS 019 (black cylinder with a white neck)
  • Epoxy coated
  • Fitted with bullnose
  • Mass: 8.2kg

Pay only R2 200.00 Excl. Vat

* This special is no longer valid

Axiostat Haemostatic Dressings

Axiostat® is a Chitosan based Haemostatic Pad Dressing designed for the control of severe external haemorrhaging. This is particularly useful in trauma and in Cardiac Cath Labs where immediate haemorrhage control is crucial. Axiostat® contains 100% natural Chitosan and can control arterial bleeds by direct pressure within minutes. The unique ‘pad’ approach also means that direct pressure is significantly easier to apply and far more controlled.


Axiostat’s® unique design also makes removal following a procedure extremely easy. Other haemostatic dressings generally need to be peeled away from the wound to remove, thereby opening up the wound and causing further bleeding. Axiostat’s® unique design promotes atraumatic removal in the operating room. To remove Axiostat® simply irrigate with sterile water or saline. It will dissolve and leave the clot completely intact.


  • Non-absorbable
  • Available in sizes, 5x5cm, 5x8cm and 8x8cm
  • Available in Cath Lab Packaging as well as Military Grade Packaging for the Tactical Market
  • Axiostat® is NAPPI coded, CE and ISO 13485 certified
  • Stop Bleeding, Instantly with Axiostat®

Save 20% and only pay…

R152.00 Excl. VAT for the 5×5 Dressing (each)

R214.20 Excl. VAT for the 5×8 Dressing (each)

R326.40 Excl. VAT for the 8×8 Dressing (each)

* This special is no longer valid

The NIO™ Intraosseous Device

Circulation, the “C” of the basic ABCs of EMS, includes gaining vascular access when medications or fluids need to be administered. Often, our sickest patients have compromised circulation, which makes establishing IV access extremely difficult. However, even when the most skilled phlebotomist can’t find a vein, it’s often easy to find a bone. The NIO™ (New Intraosseous Device) from PerSys Medical lets you establish vascular access in as little as 10 seconds. This lightweight, single-use device is sterile in-package with a five-year shelf life. You simply place the NIO™ on the appropriate IO insertion landmark, turn the handle, squeeze to activate and insert the needle. No drills, batteries or other expensive bits and pieces required.

Save 20% and only pay R1054.72 Excl. VAT each

* This special is no longer valid

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