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Greetings friends, clients and fellow healthcare professionals, welcome to the latest edition of The Responder.

As promised in our last edition, it is our aim to see The Responder go out a little more regularly than we did during last year. We plan on focussing a lot more on new products and of course on providing you with some fantastic Responder specials.

Gosh, we have had a fantastically busy and exciting past two months. We were immensely privileged to have been part of the South African National Pavilion at the Africa Health Exhibition, held in Johannesburg from the 28 – 30 May. This was only made possible by the very generous assistance from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). We’d like to say a huge thank you to them and to all those who worked tirelessly to ensure everything was in place for the show. The SA Pavilion looked fantastic and attracted a large number of visitors from all over the world. It was also wonderful engaging with many of our clients who stopped by our booth. Thank you, it was fantastic spending time with you and chatting about some of the exciting products we have planned for South Africa in the months to come.

Besides our booth on the South African Pavilion, we were also really fortunate to be funded a booth on the Trade and Investment KZN Pavilion (TIKZN). TIKZN provides phenomenal support to companies who manufacture products in KZN. As many of you may know, we have been manufacturing a range of our products at our Durban factory since its start-up a little over a year ago. The folks at TIKZN have been nothing short of outstanding with the really generous assistance they afforded us. Thank you TIKZN, we have had some amazing interaction with you and we look forward to many more in the years to come.

Speaking of our Durban factory, Mike and I recently found some time before Africa Health to pay our new Durban factory a visit. When we arrived, we thought we had the address wrong, because the factory was unrecognisable when compared to our previous visit. Fair enough, we are in a new building now with a lot more space, but what was really exciting to see was the 75 strong staff compliment, all working towards better products and ultimately better lives for themselves and their families.

There is something incredibly special about creating employment opportunities. As a business, we know that poverty remains an enormous challenge in South Africa. The only way that poverty can be alleviated is by providing skills and meaningful employment. I think we are well on our way to achieving both. Yes, we believe that we can do a great deal more, but at least we know we are heading in the right direction. We would like to say a big thank you and well done to our Durban Branch Manager Nicki Wiggett and her fantastic team, we are extremely pleased with what you have achieved in such a short time… upwards and onwards…

Yours in Healthcare…

Gavin Sutton
Editor: The Responder


Upcoming Shows…

Be Safe Paramedical will be exhibiting at the following shows during 2019:

  • 7th EMSSA International Conference 2019 – 5-7 November 2019 at the Century City Convention Centre, Cape Town (Booth D13)

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand at these fantastic events…

New Products from Be Safe Paramedical

We have some really fantastic new products lined up for you in this edition of The Responder. We believe that every one of them will provide you with top class service and unparallel quality.

Something that we have not had the pleasure of doing for some time is launching a new range of suction units. Many of you would remember our last suction unit launch was our very popular Rescue and Rescue Plus suction units from Zeiner Italy. Much to our disappointment and to that of many of our clients, Zeiner stopped manufacturing these a while ago.

One will only truly know the importance of a high quality suction unit when you are working with one that has just failed on a really ill patient. If you have been there, you will know exactly what I am talking about. We do not place enough emphasis on the fact that failure in this case is simply not an option.

So with that said, we are really excited to introduce you to the Boscarol family of high quality suction units.

The OB 3000 Portable Suction Unit:

The OB3000 is an absolute marvel when it comes to functionality, ingenuity and durability. With a suction rate of 33 LPM, a mass of only 2.6kg and an IP rating of 60, there is simply nothing on the market that compares to it.

Features and Specifications:

  • Ergonomic and highly efficient portable EMS Suction Unit
  • 33 LPM suction rate
  • Double piston pump delivering a max. pressure of 800 mbar
  • Lithium polymer battery (anti-flammable) with autonomy of around 80 minutes.
  • IP60 rating
  • Battery status visible without turning the suction unit on
  • Fluorescent analogue vacuum controller for easy visualisation
  • Mass of less than 2.6 kg
  • Available both in the LINER version (with the use of jar and disposable bags) and as FA with autoclavable jar
  • Optional accessories: wall bracket complete with 12V recharging
  • 5-year warranty (excluding battery and accessories)
  • Also available in an aviation certified version

Please feel free to contact us at responder@be-safe.co.za for further information and pricing


OB MINI Portable Suction Unit:

If space is an issue for you and you’re looking at going super compact, then the OB Mini is possibly the best the market has to offer. With a suction rate of 24 LPM and mass of only 1.8kg, the OB Mini is in a mass and size class all on its own.


Features and Specifications:

  • Vacuum rate 850 mbar ±10%
  • Flow rate 24 LPM
  • Lithium polymer battery (solid-non organic) allowing autonomy of more than 90 minutes
  • Autoclavable 500ml canister (other options available)
  • Battery status indicator
  • Supplied with recharging cable (11÷25 Vcc)
  • Safety inspection reminder indicates that the suction unit has to be sent for scheduled maintenance
  • Transport bag
  • Compliant to all current norms, 93/42/CEE Directive and main reference norm ISO 10079-1
  • Dimensions: approx. 29 x 24 x 9.5 cm
  • Mass: 1.8 kg
  • 3-year warranty (excluding battery and accessories)

 Please feel free to contact us at responder@be-safe.co.za for further information and pricing

OB 1000 Portable Suction Unit:

If you are a little more cost-conscious, but still want to a suction device that is really compact, then the OB1000 is worth having a good look at. At only a couple of millimetres bigger than the OB MINI and a total mass of less than 3.3kg, the OB1000 has very respectable dimensions for such a powerful little unit.

Features and Specifications:

  • Powerful, easy to use and compact
  • suction flow 20 LPM
  • Max suction rate 850 mbar (85 kPa)
  • Battery autonomy on continuous functioning >45 Minutes.
  • 1000 ml jar with disposable liner
  • Autoclavable 1000 ml jar with safety valve and protection filter
  • Cable for the connection to the vehicle lighter (12Vcc)
  • Dimensions: approx. 34 x 11 x 24 cm
  • Weight: about 3.6 kg
  • Manufactured in compliance with all current norms and standards

Please feel free to contact us at responder@be-safe.co.za for further information and pricing


OB 500 Fixed Suction Unit:

Something that one does not see very often in South Africa, are ambulances with non-removable suction units, i.e. they are permanently fixed to the wall. What is the point in that you may ask? Truth be told, there are many advantages to using a fixed suction device inside your ambulance and there is also absolutely nothing wrong with using a manual handheld suction unit for emergency suctioning  outside of the ambulance.

In terms of advanatages, firstly, a fixed unit is a lot more cost-effective than a portable battery driven device, simply because good quality batteries add quite a bit more cost to a suction unit. Secondly, because the suction unit remains stationery, it will be exposed to far less abuse than a portable unit. Finally, because the suction unit is run directly off the ambulance’s main battery or from a clinic’s A/C supply, you are generally able to deliver far better LPM suction volumes on a much more compact device.

If you think going the non-portable route will work for your service, the OB 500 Fixed Suction Unit offers some fantastic specifications and is well worth a second look. It offers a 30 LPM suction volume and generates pressures adjustable up to 850 mbar. It is extremely easy to install and will gaurantee you reliable access to suctioning at all times.


Features and Specifications:

  • Stationary Medical Suction Unit
  • suction flow 30 LPM
  • Max suction rate 800 mbar (80 kPa)
  • Autocavable 1000ml jar with protection filter integrated on the lid
  • Cable for the connection to the vehicle lighter (12Vcc)
  • Dimensions: approx. 9 x 8,5 x 6 cm
  • Manufactured in compliance with all current norms

Please feel free to contact us at responder@be-safe.co.za for further information and pricing

I am pretty sure you will agree that there are some fantastic offerings in our new line of suction units. We are really excited about everything they have to offer, from their classy looks to their rugged design. The bar has just been lifted…

The DM 7000 Cardiac Monitor Defibrillator:

We are really excited to announce that the colour and external pacing upgrade to the DM 7000 Cardiac Monitor Defibrillator is almost completed and we hope to launch the new updated version early in August. This will effectively make the DM 7000 one of the most cost-effective ALS cardiac monitor defibrillators on the SA market. It offers some excellent features in a compact and well priced design.

Features and Specifications:

  • High-resolution display 7 inch Screen
  • 3/5 Lead ECG Monitoring
  • Biphasic waveform
  • Manual and Automated Defibrillation
  • 2 – 360 Joule energy range
  • SpO2 module
  • External Pacing Module
  • Rechargeable battery providing 3 hours of ECG monitoring or 100 shocks at 360j
  • 50mm Thermal Printer
  • Easy access user-friendly front panel
  • Recessed menu buttons

Please feel free to contact us at responder@be-safe.co.za for further information and pricing


Practi-Man Plus CPR Torso with CPR Feedback

Most of you providing AHA Certified CPR Training programmes will be aware of the recommendations regarding CPR Instruction. For those of you who are not familiar with the new recommendations, the AHA published a statement that all CPR manikins used on the AHA Adult CPR courses must feature an instrumented directive feedback device (IDFD). Devices such as these provide real-time, audio-visual feedback as CPR is being performed, allowing student performance to be evaluated in an immediate and ongoing manner.

The AHA furthermore released a statement saying the following: “Incorporating feedback devices into Adult CPR courses improves the quality and consistency of CPR training, which increases the chance of a successful outcome when CPR is performed. Studies have also shown that feedback devices help students achieve mastery of crucial CPR skills and shorten the time to demonstration of competence,” Of course we completely support anything that will improve outcomes, however if one takes a look at what is currently available, it is quite easy to understand why the costs are stressing a lot of training organisations out.

Fear not, we hope to ease your worry quite significantly by introducing you to the new Practi-Man Plus CPR Torso with CPR Feedback System. We believe that it will be one of the best priced systems on our market and is jam packed with some excellent additional features. Take a look at what Practi-Man plus has to offer:


Features and Specifications:

  • Wireless Technology to connect CPR Torso to electronic monitor
  • Adult and child functions
  • CPR rate, depth & chest recoil measurement & feedback
  • Score scale to evaluate CPR Training

We are aiming for a 1st of September 2019 launch for South Africa. We will be releasing information via our Facebook page as it is made available to us.

Be Safe Paramedical Specials

We have received some incredible feedback on the recent editions to our Jump Bag and Physio Bag range. Thank you!

Given the fantastic response, we thought we would give you an opportunity to add the new bags to your arsenal of medical equipment bags with some very special introductory pricing. We have included our new CrashPAC ALS Jump Bag for another round at this special pricing. It is likely that this will be the last special on it for the next while, so probably a wise choice to take advantage of it while you still can…

CritiCare® CrashPAC Advanced Life Support Jump Bag

Product Code: REF:BAG.CP.TB.CC

The latest edition to our CritiCare® Jump Bag Range in our much loved Black and Red colour combination. The CrashPAC offers some great features and best of all, comes with our CritiCare® Jump Bag Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Manufactured from high quality 1680D Cordura
  • Red and Black colour combination synonymous with the CritiCare® brand
  • Shoulder sling design
  • 4 removable spacious internal pouches
  • High quality drug bag
  • CritiCare® Jump Bag Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Special Introductory Price: R1 200.00 Ex Vat

Valid til 31 July 2019 or while stocks last.

CritiCare® StrapPAC

Product Code: REF:BAG.SP.MN.CC

The StrapPAC is a superb option for all run-on-field medics and physiotherapists. It provides a deceivingly large amount of packing space for keeping all your sports tapes, gloves and other bits and pieces close at hand.

  • Manufactured from high quality 600D nylon
  • 3 separate and individually accessible pouches
  • Adjustable waist strap
  • Why not go custom with colour and branding? (Minimum order quantities may apply)

Limited Special Introductory Price: R120.00 Ex Vat

Valid til 31 July 2019 or while stocks last. Send an email with the product code to responder@be-safe.co.za to place your order.

Keep an eye out for the StrapPAC at the Indian Island Games to be held in Mauritius in July 2019…

CritiCare® SportsPAC

Product Code: REF:BAG.SP.COOL.CC

This is a compact and dare we say, cleverly designed little bag. Not only does it provide excellent packing space for all your on-the-field equipment needs, but also has a built-in insulated cooler compartment for keeping your icepack nice and cold. This means one bag that covers all bases when responding to an on-field injury. What could be better than that?

  • Integrated cooler bag and emergency kit bag
  • Manufactured from high quality 600D nylon
  • measures 24.5cm (L) x 24.5cm (W) x 30cm (H)
  • Why not go custom with colour and branding? (Minimum order quantities may apply)

Special Price: R200.00 Ex Vat

Valid til 31 July 2019 or while stocks last. Send an email with the product code to responder@be-safe.co.za to place your order.

CritiCare® PhysioPAC

Product Code: REF:BAG.CP.TB.CC

The PhysioPAC has a really fantastic amount of packing space for such a compact bag. It was designed to fit snugly and yet comfortably across the chest leaving the zippered pouches and tape loops easily accessible from the front of the bag.

The bag has two separate compartments and a number of tape loops, which are designed to provide quick and easy access to your range of sports tapes.

  • Manufactured from high quality 600D nylon
  • Two zippered compartments
  • Main compartment is large enough for an A4 book
  • Why not go custom with colour and branding? (Minimum order quantities may apply)

Limited Special Introductory Price: R170.00 Ex Vat

Valid til 31 July 2019 or while stocks last. Send an email with the product code to responder@be-safe.co.za to place your order.

We always welcome comments, thoughts and ideas on how we can improve The Responder.

Please feel free to contact us on responder@be-safe.co.za to share your views…

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