PLEASE NOTE: If you are having trouble with selecting your shipping option, please check HERE for guidance as to possible solutions…


If you are having issues with selecting your shipping, please try/take note of the following:


1) Refresh your page in the browser (sometimes the browser/page cache needs clearing and may cause issues especially if you have changed your address).


2) If that doesn’t help, then please reset your browser completely. If you are not sure how to do this, please Google ” how to reset my browser” for the particular browser you are using.


3) Make sure that you select the suburb/city from the drop down menu on the cart page (which auto adds the postcode).


4) Ensure that you press the big ‘Update totals’ button on the cart page after doing so.


5) Checkout page: Even if you have entered the suburb, city, country, etc. on the CART page, please add full address, including suburb/city on the CHECKOUT page.


6) If you are still experiencing difficulties, please update your browser to the latest version. If you use Internet Explorer please rather try the latest version of Google Chrome.


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