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Admin Set Needleless 20 Drop – Box of 50

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An administration (most often simply referred to as an Admin Set) set consists of a chamber attached to a length of tubing.  A port is located at the end of the tubing, which is attached to the intravenous I catheter.

A free moving drop rate controller is located on the tubing and is used to set the rate of flow to the IV catheter. Many admin sets contain additional rubberized ports through which medications can be injected or additional IV bag scan be run by being piggybacked.


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  • 20 drop/ml
  • Injection port located on tubing with rubber stopper for easy drug administration
  • Sterile and nonpyrogenic
  • 7m tubing
  • Movable regulating clam
  • Sold in a box of 50

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Weight 1.63 kg
Dimensions 35.8 × 18 × 17.5 cm


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