Eyewash Station – Double Bottle

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Double bottle Eyewash Station promotes excellent eye irrigation for quick decontamination following accidental exposure.

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The eyes are extremely delicate organs and are particularly prone to contamination from foreign substances. This is particularly true in industries that make use of chemicals in their everyday work. Emergency first aid for eye contamination predominantly consists of flushing the eyes with copious amounts of water or a low percentage saline solution.

This emergency Eyewash Station consists of two purpose-designed eye flush bottles attached to a base station that can be mounted in high risk areas. The design of the bottles allows for the saline to be directed into the eyes by means of an eye flush cap system.

  • Well marked and visible base station for easy identification in an emergency
  • Printed instructions for ease of use
  • Wall mountable
  • Metal stand with mirror allows for monitoring during application
  • 2x 350ml eye wash bottles with screw caps for easy refilling


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Dimensions 30 × 33 × 12 cm


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